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40 - The Most Important Number in Your Life

Regarding the Kari Lake Arizona Election Trial

JFK, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump, and Superheroes…

We Can Now Name the Enemy

The Most Important Question in Our Country Today…

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If We Save the GOP, We Save America

What Is a Political Union?

Do I Dare Get My Hopes Up (again)?

The True Story of Thanksgiving

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Colorado To the Rescue?

Why Didn’t the Founding Fathers Require Citizens to Vote?

Election Day! What to Expect and How to Track…

Vacation Day

What would happen if…

Election Season Is Anything but A Holiday

They will not relinquish power willingly…

We Will Overcome the Fraud in the Midterms – Here’s Why

A Message for Traditional Democrats and Republicans

Will the Midterms be Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Why Aren’t the Globalist Elite Shaking in their Boots?

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Rendezvous with Horror

Let Them Eat Milquetoast

How Heroes Are Born

What Treason Looks Like

How We Are Defeating the Ruling Class Media Censorship

I Could Have Told You This Was Going to Happen!

An Index of All My Unbelievably Great Work

The Globalist War on America Just Escalated

Why Professional Politicians Don’t Take Voters Seriously

I Hate Being Right All the Time

Why Censorship Is a Good Thing (No, really!)

Socialism, Capitalism, Communism... Oh, my!

Clear Thinking, Diabolical, Corrupt & Greedy, or Duped…

An American Renaissance

It Is Time to Stop Playing Games

All Out Political War

The Revolution in the Republican Party

Globalism vs Nationalism - 2

Globalism vs Nationalism

Tuesday August 2nd, 2022 – A Litmus Test for Democracy

The Lies of Climate Change and the Green New Deal

The Best Argument Against Professional Politicians Is a Football Coach from Alabama

George Soros, Evil Villains, and Superheroes

The Deconstruction of the Administrative State

The Truths We Keep Forgetting

Let It Ride

Will You be Ready?

Taking Back Our Country

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?

Your Hearts Desire?

What Does It Mean to Be a Citizen?

The U.S. Constitution Protects Us from Our Government

Shrinking the Size of Our Government Would Be Incredible Easy

Ditch Our Income Tax and Replace It with?

Why Don't We Abolish the I.R.S.?

Door to Door Salesmen

Ruling Class Oligarchs

Government Should Be the Solution of Last Resort

Ruling Class Politicians

Who Controls My Information?

Our Ruling Class Military-Industrial Complex

The Multinational America Ruling Class

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?

Ruling Class Suck-ups

If I Were Really a Racist...

The Ruling Class Judiciary

The Important Things in Life

The Ruling Class Bureaucracy

A Recipe for Democracy and Other Important Stuff...

The Ruling Class Intelligentsia

The Ugly American

The Ruling Class & The Ruling Class Media

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You’re Not Paranoid If They’re Really Out to Get You

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