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StressFreeBill is obviously a pen name. So, just to confuse any detractors who might want to accuse me of hiding behind it, I’ll give you my real name, William Luznicky. Now that you know my last name, the reason I use an easy-to-remember, easy-to-pronounce pen name should be obvious…

You may know me from the bestselling book I wrote that went to #1 on Amazon under Globalism (It’s Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy), or the grassroots movement and Political Action Committee it led to (Primary the Ruling Class and PRC PAC). Or, you may know me from the six bestselling science fiction books I authored – come to think of it, those are under a different pen name (William Lee Gordon), so… never mind. Anyway, StressFreeBill first became my Nom de Plume somewhere during the years I built a 36,000-member network marketing business that stretched across three continents. Also, the fact I founded several businesses marketing stress mitigation therapies to Medical Doctors might have had something to do with it…

At any rate, I’m writing this newsletter twice a week (sometimes thrice, if I’m especially motivated or agitated) because I have a lot to say and I enjoy putting those thoughts on paper. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are trying to decide if it is worth spending a few minutes of your time twice a week. All I can tell you is I’ve tried to pack as many diverse experiences into my life as possible. Everything from scuba diving to small plane piloting. I’ve traveled the world sometimes first class and sometimes no class. I’ve driven in a Demolition Derby and drove a NASCAR at the Texas Motor Speedway. I have actually read the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States. I have witnessed abject poverty and wept for the children. I’ve been to the top of the Swiss Alps and skied the Rocky Mountains. I’ve owned a tuxedo. I’ve eaten God-knows-what under thatched-roofed huts in the Amazon jungle and dined in the penthouse of a billionaire. I’ve slept in a tent buried under a 12” snowfall, lived off the land, and gone without indoor plumbing. I’ve also stayed at some of the finest 5-star hotels in the world. I’ve ducked into an unknown house to avoid a cartel’s roaming death squad and I’ve had guns pointed at me on three different continents. I’ve been a featured public speaker at Caesar’s Palace, yet I was married in front of a handful of people, in a foreign language, and in a church so riddled in poverty its magnificence was in its austerity. I’ve seen a few things…

How Would Reading My Newsletter Make Your Life Better?

Because laughter is good for you. So is understanding and appreciation. As evil as the world can be it is good to sometimes reflect on the Blessings our Lord has given us. It is forever true that sometimes we don’t know how good we’ve really got it. I am a person cursed to clearly see the world around us – in another life, I must have worked for the CIA as an analyst (or, something) … some people seem to find my ramblings, comments, evaluations, and judgments humorous and enlightening (some find them straightforward and abrupt). At any rate, every Tuesday and Friday morning at 8:00 am Central Time I will give you an opportunity to explore a different perspective than what you’re getting from the talking heads on TV – and then there’s always the Stupid Joke and Not-So-Famous Recipe I include in every Friday edition (did I mention I’m also an amateur chef?).

Should I subscribe?

In my totally unbiased opinion, yes… I think you should.

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“Humorous and world-weary takes on politics, life, and my never-ending search for the perfect taco…” these essays are the mostly coherent twice-weekly ramblings of a 7x Bestselling author, political expert, husband, and all-around (mostly-good) guy.


Bill is a 7x Bestselling Author including a #1 on Amazon under Globalism. He is an international public speaker and the recipient of numerous leadership awards. His 10,000 ft. view of power politics has 'lifted the veil' for tens of thousands.